Design for Kids & Toys



The Specializing Master in Design for Kids & Toys aims to train a new generation of designers able to manage complex child-centred design processes.



The first Specializing Master in Design for Kids & Toy aims to train, in terms of contents and methods, a new generation of designers able to manage complex projects by coordinating and developing very different skills and design practices. Kids & Toys designers are capable to confidently navigate through concrete obstacles, such as safety and other cognitive, pedagogic and recreational abstract goals.


Play is fundamental for healthy growth & development of the child.

Play and its “playfulness” offers a universal language, attractive and positive for the development of interactions between the children and the surrounding world. Design for kids is based on a strictly traditional market, which is product-based and it is focused on a user (child) that is different from the consumer (adult).

There is lack of a shared kids & toy culture, which is most of the time limited to imitate products for adults in a diminishing way.

Train a new generation of designers able to manage complex design processes in the world of products and services that are child-centred.

Involve and train truly passionate and enthusiastic people through Learning & Doing within the best asset powered by of Milan.



The methodology at the basis of the Specializing Master aims at exploring scenarios through the “product-service system” point of view for the world of Kids & Toys. Designing and innovating toys, plays, places, furniture, apparel, food, services, laboratories, events and much more, by always putting the child at the centre of any creative process.

The Specializing Master in Design for Kids & Toys offers a multi-experience dimension through theoretical and practical interactions between online and offline learning modes.


The Specializing Master in Design for Kids & Toys is based on a blended-learning that combines online educational materials and opportunities for interaction online with traditional place-based classroom methods:

  1. E-Learning (6 months circa), through a dedicated web platform.
  2. Two Design workshops (1 month each), traditional place-based classroom or blended for those students who do not have the possibility to come here in Milan.
  3. Internship (3 months circa), in a Toy Company in Italy or abroad.

Thanks to the e-learning platform, our students can attend e-learning didactic modules at a distance. The e-learning training lasts 6 months circa, during which the students can self-regulate their time through different resources and advice, by using the specific didactic sections, news, and forum area. Right after the e-learning training, the Specializing Master in Design for Kids & Toys organizes two intensive design workshops, which last one months each. Each workshop is based on a theme proposed and chosen by the Master committees in collaboration with companies and partner institutions and conducted with the support of experts and designers.
At the end of the learning phase, the students will be asked to develop a project work during a 3-month professional internship. The students will be guided to the choice and the candidacy to work side by side with international firms in the kids and toy sectors or to develop a personal project and ambition.


The course, from the very first edition in 2004, has always offered a very dynamic in research and communication. There is constant participation in fairs and organization of contests, exhibitions, workshops, laboratories and other activities in collaboration with companies, designers, institutions and former students.

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Nome Cognome, student 2016 edition, Design for Kids & Toys