Fondazione Cariplo


Rebranding Fondazione Cariplo

Creative workshops and activities made with professionals and students in communication, marketing and creativity fields in order to elaborate the main values of Fondazione Cariplo which had to be infused with the new brand image.



In recent years Fondazione Cariplo’s communication has developed quantitatively and qualitatively, reaching ever larger audiences. At its 25th year, the foundation has therefore wanted to start a reflection on the image and communication of its brand, to verify its adequacy with respect to the times and values that its work expresses. CILAB work started from a question: how could a design-led participatory process involve diverse stakeholders to form a new philanthropy brand identity? Once the values have been defined, a brief was developed; it was after given to some students of Politecnico di Milano, which gave back creative ideas for the rebranding of Fondazione. Six final ideas were selected, re-elaborated and made uniform by Inarea society.


CILAB had elaborated a participatory design approach in order to create a new brand image and a communication strategy for Fondazione Cariplo. One of the first purpose was the engagement of the inner and outer stakeholders of Fondazione. The outer ones came from innovative communication and marketing field, while the inner were a part of Communication Sector of Fondazione Cariplo.


Several employees from communication and strategy departments had been selected as internal contributors. These people were involved in two creative workshops (in July and September of 2016) in three phases, exploratory, analytical, generative, to outline, on one hand, the existing perceived brand images of Fondazione Cariplo according to a situated framework. And on the other hand, suggestive and imaginative ideas and directions to work on for building a new brand identity. Afterwards, the outcomes produced directly from two workshops have been analysed by the research team with several dedicated research tools. 

Thanks to this analysis activity, it was, therefore, possible to draw up a Creative Brief, which will act as a guideline to engage a group of young communication designers from Politecnico di Milano, selected from recent graduates and master presentations in brand design, which worked on the task of transforming the creative brief into graphic proposal of new brand identity for the foundation. The research team, together with the support of an expert branding consultancy, have selected 6 final proposals. And after a series of internal approval and discussion, a final decision has been made among the 6 proposals. On the 22 February 2018, the new brand image and rebranding process were launched and presented to the public.


Fondazione Cariplo didn’t follow a traditional iter in order to update the brand image and the communication strategy: it asked CILAB (Creative Industries Lab) an help. They experienced a participatory design approach, that involved both inner and outer partners. CILAB started with a question: how is it possible to engage these partners in order to create a brand identity focused on philanthropy through a co-design approach? The process was designed based on the principle of design thinking, going through diverge and converge phases in two creative workshops. Situated Co-Design tools have also been developed to guide participants from the beginning to the end.