Wine & System Design



The first High Training Course dedicated to the “wine system project”, designed for engineers, technicians, operators and enthusiasts, interested in exploring the “wine ecosystem” and its territories.



The success of Italian wine in the world needs a closer examination of the phenomenon from a systemic perspective including all the cultural implications and meanings that lie behind this drink. It is the understanding of the phenomena that arise new, design and cultural, guidelines and that can build between all the stakeholders a common vision and a shared project.
From this need arises Wine Design, the first High Training Course dedicated to the “wine system project”.
The course is designed for engineers, technicians, operators and enthusiasts, interested in exploring how the project can develope to the “wine ecosystem” and its territories. The wine and its culture are the areas that the course explores: the product, or by all those artifacts that contribute to the definition of wine, its distribution, communication, public and private consumption and all the “wine experience”. But it will also deal with the “props”, the cultural and symbolic values, the relationship with the territory and local communities, imagination and lifestyle, related to wine. All these elements are “object” of a system design that enhances rites, objects, territories and culture around wine.


The first Course in Wine Design aims to train design professionals in the culture and methods of project, able to understand the phenomenon of wine in all its aspects, to manage complex design processes, to coordinate the very different skills between them, in order to improve the design and cultural response capability to demands from all actors in the supply chain.
Understanding the “wine system” may improve the ability to “direct” the supply, acquiring the language and operating procedures that characterise the different areas of expertise of the industry. The “wine designer” is thus a director, not necessarily with a specific design background, able to coordinate all the contact points (product, communications and services) between producers and consumers, ensuring coherence and meaning.



The High Training Course in wine design is developed in a multi-experience dimension and, in the online theorical part, are investigated different prospectives about the “wine ecosystem”. After that all the competences aquired are tested in several workshops and practical activities.


The course duration is of 160 hours. It is composed by 100 hours of theoretical training, 20 hours of mini-workshops and 40 hours of main workshop.

The theoretical contents is provided in e-learning (in Italian and or English). This method requires that students have the opportunity to access a restricted area of the e-learning platform, where they can view the contents of individual classes loaded by the teachers, complete the tests or exercises and seek extra contributions.


The course, from the very first edition is very dynamic in research and communication. There is a constant partecipation in fairs and organization of contests, exibitions, workshops, laboratories and other activities in collaboration with companies, designers, institutions and former students.

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Nome Cognome, student 2016 edition, Wine & System Design